When promises are broken.
When the walls turn to dust.
When rules are unspoken.
When the holy structures rust.

The serpent shall awaken.
And open up her eyes.
Our bonds will be forsaken.
And light exposed as lies.

An answer must be given.
But the knowledge is corrupt.
Sin can't be forgiven.
Until order is disrupt.

The way must be revealed.
The Lie must be undone.
Ancient wounds are healed.
When two are joined as one.

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About the Game

An accident interrupts Roark's religious initiation and plunges him into adventure. Run, jump, solve music-based puzzles, and save Roark's tribe from destruction. No prior music knowledge required, just ears and eyes.

Adventure and mystery await.



  • An adaptive soundtrack which interacts with the world

    • What you do in the world changes the song. Changes in the song affect the world.
    • The soundtrack plays a note causing a platform appear. You jump on the note to cross a cliff before it disappears.
    • You use a magic spell to shift the pitch of the song up. The note-platform moves up as well. You can now reach a higher place.
    • You change the song's tempo. The flow of time changes.
    • You change the key of a song. The world's gravity changes.
    • You get the idea.
    • No music knowledge needed, just ears and eyes.
  • A single player game with a rich story.

    • You play as Roark. A young man being initiated into his nomadic tribe. Travel with the tribal elders as they teach you the ways of the world.
    • Learn the mythology of Roark's people all the way back to the creation of the world.
    • Solve the mystery of Ancient Zebulon, a mighty empire which vanished at the height of its power. All that remains of Zebulon today are ruins and sand. What became of that god-like race?
    • Reveal the final knowledge to know the nature of Syn.